Misvik biology offers a wide range of advanced immunohistochemistry, imaging and image analysis services for academic, pharmaceutical, biotechnology  and other research institutes using different methods from standard IHC to novel serial and cyclin immunofluorescence methods on paraffin, frozen and fresh tissues processed from start to finish. Analysis can be based on our extensive collection of IHC validated primary antibodies or antibody provided by the client. Tissue collections can be provided by Misvik biology or the client.

Assays are run by highly trained scientists with experience in clinical diagnostic and research purpose assay development and high resolution microscopic imaging and automated image analysis.

Immunohistochemistry analysis services include:

  • Custom tissue microarray manufacturing including sample processing and metadata archiving.
  • Optimization of tissue fixation process.
  • Optimization of antigen retrieval conditions.
  • Adjustment and optimization of the experimental conditions of the immunostaining.
  • Imaging and image archiving.
  • Quantification of  immunostaining results using automated image analysis algorithms.

Overview of custom collected salivary gland cancer tissue microarray.

You can order custom tissue sample processing (FFPE, frozen or fresh tissues) and imaging services including analysis by e-mail. See our contact information for more details. We will provide you a cost estimate according to the provided information and send you a quotation with instructions and detailed information about experimental procedures. The time frame of immunohistochemistry analysis services is normally 5-10 business days from the date of receiving the samples.