RPPA assay services

Misvik has one of the largest active RPPA (reverse-phase-protein-array) manufacturing facilities in the Northern Europe. Consisting of two pilot scale contact microarray printers and two industrial scale printers for scale-up and massively parallel array manufacturing, we are your one-stop-shop for any protein microarray manufacturing needs. With 15+ years´ experience on RPPA and other miniaturized microarray methods, we can support both cell-based functional screening using RPPA readouts as well as ultra-high-throughput multiplexed analyses of our in-house collected patient samples of 700+ patient derived tissue and cell line samples from 65+ different human cancer types or your proprietary tissue collections.


Our RPPA assay service include

  • In-house collection of 700+ cancer tissue and patient derived tumor cell samples from 65+ different human cancer types
  • Multiplexed bioassays for cost-effective analysis of multiple biomarkers in parallel from HTS experiments or biobanked tissue samples
  • 150+ readily validated marker antibodies
  • Proprietary RPPA production technologies and assay knowhow for rapid customized assay setup
  • Multiparameter biomarker assays for uHTS small molecule and functional genomic studies using both adherent and suspension cells
  • Custom array production, new bioassay setup and testing
  • Industrial scale microarray manufacturing capacity with piloting and mass production printers, visible light and infra red laser microarray imagers and analysis software
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