Toxicology Innovations

Misvik Biology Toxicology Division provides fast, cost-effective safety evaluations with a prime focus on the nanotechnology market. The high throughput and high content screening-based services allow for safe-by-design-driven assessment of novel materials and products. The approach of Misvik Biology is diversely predictive and animal-free, and follow rules and concepts demanded by Governmental Bodies and which fall under the REACH regulation. The company is actively involved in EU-funded projects that drive the development of coming test strategies and standard operating procedures.

Predictive toxicogenomic profiling with animal free in vitro models

The ongoing societal “nano-revolution” implies that huge numbers of engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) need to undergo safety testing. ENMs are applied in a variety of areas central to European business and society at large, so far without consistent implementation of early safety evaluation. A safe innovation strategy for novel ENMs generation by reliable systems toxicology approach has enormous societal (health, life quality, environment, etc.) and business impact. Misvik Biology has established a tiered multi-readout high-throughput and high content cell culture-based safety testing concept. Incorporation of systems biology assays enable studies on toxicity mechanisms and Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOP), and provides means for predicting and avoiding unwanted toxicity effects.