vhVesa Hongisto, PhD, Head and Manager

Vast experience with cell-based assay technologies, including with their design and with small molecule, siRNA, drug and engineered nanomaterial high throughput screening projects. Familiar also with using genomic data and validation using standard laboratory techniques.



Pekka Kohonen, PhD

Senior bioinformatician. An expert in data sciences, predictive/integrative bioinformatics workflows, toxicogenomics, data management and high-throughput screening data analyses. Won the 2014 Lush Science Prize for contributions to 21st Century toxicology.


Konrad Patyra, PhD

Senior scientist. An expert in in vitro and in vivo research models and toxicology research, as well as genetics, endocrinology and cancer biology.



Roland Grafström, PhD, Professor

A scientific advisor to the toxicology work at Misvik Biology. He received his Medical Science degree in 1980 and maintains currently a tenured Professor position at the Karolinska Institutet (KI), in Stockholm, Sweden. The CV lists ~150 peer-review research articles and several international prizes related to environmental medicine, toxicology and alternative methods research. He has vast experience in application of human cells to toxicity analyses, cancer research and omics-based biomarker discovery.